Experiment with unique portraits

Sometimes it can be a real struggle coming up with a good photograph.  Vacations can present this situation for me.  Taking photos of the family at whatever vacation spot you are attending are nice, necessary historical kinds of images that everyone has to make.  But after awhile the inner photographer starts to search for something a bit different, just because that is what we do.

On vacation in Florida last Christmas two of my sons and I were doing the sight-seeing thing and I spotted these two opportunities for different kinds of portraits.

The building we were at had an overhang that was mirrored with hundreds of small reflective tiles.  I looked up at them and noticed a reflection of my son, so I pointed my camera up to take a photo of the person standing beside me.

Later in the day I noticed my older son’s reflective sunglasses were catching a reflection of my younger son.  When I pointed my camera at my eldest son, he had no concept that I was really focussing on his brother.  I think it is a unique kind of family portrait of these two brothers.

The next time you are photographing people, take some time to look for a unique perspective.  It will get your creative juices flowing and give you some different photos for your day’s efforts.

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