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Travel Adventures: Summer Rodeo in Alberta

Out here in Western Canada, one of the best spectator sports around is the local summer rodeo.  These events are held throughout the summer at numerous small towns throughout the Canadian West.  Of course, the best known rodeo is the Calgary Stampede:  a huge event with a huge purse that attracts the best cowboys from around the world.  It is also one of the more difficult rodeos to photograph because it is so hard to get near the action unless you are lucky enough to score the expensive tickets in the infield.

Bucking bronc at Rockyford Stampede 2011

That is why I like to go to some of the smaller rural rodeos around Calgary in the summer.  All of the seats are right at field level (you even get sprayed with the muck!) and the crowds are friendly and supportive of all the cowboys and cowgirls who compete.  One such event that is always fun to attend is the Rockyford Stampede, sponsored by the local Lions club and held at the little hamlet of Rockyford, about a 45 minute drive east of Calgary.

Muddy wild horse roundup at the 2011 Rockyford Stampede

This summer we had a lot of rain, and as a result the infield was a muddy mess, making it a lot harder than usual for the cowboys to score well, if at all (livestock 10, cowboys 3).  These are just some of the photos from that event.  I hope you enjoy them.

Muddy little cowboy at the 2011 Rockford Stampede